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Types of collars: 

  • Breakaway: These are for cats and only come in 1/2" width, comes with a bell! 

  • Quick Release Buckle: I offer both plastic and metal buckles 

  • MARTINGALES: Be sure you measure the biggest part of your dogs head and choose a size that will fit over the head! 

  • Fabric martingale: This is a limited slip collar, highly recommend this for pets who are good at backing out of their collar or for pups that need a little correction while training

  • Chain Martingales: Same as a fabric martingale except the tightening loops is a chain

  • Buckle Martingales: These are recommended for dogs that have a huge head and little neck, or for anyone who likes a martingale with a quick release option. 

Adjustability: Collars are adjustable about 2 inches up/down from size ordered. The smaller the collar, the less adjustable it will be. Buckle martingales are an exception. They are much less adjustable - about 3/4-1" adjustable. 

Caring for your collar: If you find your collar is getting dirty, hand wash it with a light scrub brush and some soap. Use cold water to wash. Collars are made with polypropylene as the core and should not be machine washed or submerged in very hot water.


Please use the custom listing to order!


Prong / E-Collar Cover

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