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Prong Collar Cover - velcro

Directions for measurement: 

1. Open your prong and lay it flat. 

2. Measure from the prongs to the chain and total the inches. For example, in the picture with the prong laid out, the total would be 12inches + 2 inches = 14inches. That's the size you would order - 14".

You don't want the velcro to go over the chain. Depending on the size of the collar, there will be 3 -9 velcro strips. They will be left longer, you can cut them down to your liking upon receiving cover. 

3. If your prong cover has a buckle, let me know the two measurements you need for each side of the buckle. 

The point of the prong cover is to only cover the pronged section, not the buckle or chain, please pay attention to this when measuring your prong collar. 


1" Covers are for 2.25mm prongs

1.5 & 2" covers are for the larger prongs


* I personally use 1.5" for my 2.25mm prongs because I like a wider look. Consider this when ordering the width for your collar*



To pick out your fabric, please click the "available fabrics" tab on my website, or follow this link: Available Fabrics | Pupperrazzi

Prong Collar Cover - velcro

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