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Choose your fabric - Collar listing

*Collars are made based on the size ordered. Sizes are in inches. Please measure your pet's neck and order the proper fitting size. 

​* Please note the fabric as a whole, each collar will vary in fabric placement! 

This listing is specifically for orders that are being chosen from available fabrics that do not have their own listings yet! Be sure to indicate which fabric it is that you want. Fabrics can be found in the available fabrics tab on this website!  Click here to see available fabrics! 


Types of collars: 

  • Breakaway: These are for cats and only come in 1/2" width, comes with a bell! 

  • Quick Release Buckle: I offer both plastic and metal buckles 

  • MARTINGALES: Be sure you measure the biggest part of your dogs head and choose a size that will fit over the head! 

  • Fabric martingale: This is a limited slip collar, highly recommend this for pets who are good at backing out of their collar or for pups that need a little correction while training

  • Chain Martingales: Same as a fabric martingale except the tightening loops is a chain

  • Buckle Martingales: These are recommended for dogs that have a huge head and little neck, or for anyone who likes a martingale with a quick release option.  *Purchase the buckle in a separate listing

Adjustability: PLEASE READ!
Collars are adjustable about 2 inches +/- from size ordered. Meaning: If you put 15" for the size of your pet's neck, the collar will end up being about 13-17" adjustable. The range in the menu is simply for pricing and NOT the actual range of adjustment. 


The smaller the collar, the less adjustable it will be. Buckle martingales are an exception. They are much less adjustable - about 3/4-1" adjustable. 

Choose your fabric - Collar listing

  • Returns typically not accepted. 

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